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Malaga Tapas is friendly, vibrant yet sophisticated. There's no better place to meet up and sample some truly delicious traditional Spanish food. All the dishes are made here on the premises and sourced from local suppliers. Malaga Tapas Restaurant imports many of the ingredients directly from Spain to ensure the authenticity of your experience here. Located on 213-215 Saint Andrews Road and conveniently near Shields Road Underground, Glasgow it is owned and managed by Cristobal, Malaga Tapas has been established in 2011 and is already reported to be one of the most authentic Spanish restaurants in the whole of Scotland.

At Malaga Tapas we pride ourselves on our warm hospitality and this is reflected by the number of customers who pop by for a glass of wine and a chat in the evening. We always look forward giving you a warm welcome. Come and try for yourself, you will not be disappointed - as many of our current customers will agree. Read their reviews.

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The best way to describe the food in our menu, is that which always had been eaten in Spain by the ordinary people; but even more, some of the recipes that you will experience at Malaga tapas had been brought forward from the Muslim colonization in the VII century, whom introduced flavours from India, the Spice Islands, Persia, Africa, and places in between from which cultural elements were gathered and brought to the Iberian Peninsula. Herbs and spices like basil, saffron, coriander, jasmine, and mint and spices such as ginger, aniseed, tamarind, cloves, and cinnamon combined exotic imported plants with those that were native to the Mediterranean climate of Spain created a cultural explosion that was later introduced to the rest of Europe.
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